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[And he's stirring from sleep, turning to feel something cold clamped on his wrist, and the jingle of chains. Confused, he tugs on the chain a little. Did he get caught in his sleep, or something? ]


[ ...Or well, on another note. Someone. There's someone else in his bed and he sure as hell didn't remember having anyone else around when he went to sleep - ]

Sakura-chan, is that - Kyou-chan?


[Accidental Voice Post]

Syaoran-kun, if you don't hurry, we'll be late! The rest are not going to wait f-- ah?

Back here again, is it? I didn't think I'd be back in the same world twice, but~ Is Sakura-chan still here?

Well then! At least I didn't end up in the fountain again this time~

Jun. 1st, 2008


The curse this time round is such a vicious one, isn't it?

Sakura-chan, are you all right?

Edit: I need a healer. Immediately.
Cursed City?

Well then, that would explain a lot of things. To tell so much to a stranger... am I cursed as well...? Has any citizen found a way to get out of it yet? Perhaps I could help figure something out as well.

[[ooc: Remember when Fai is made up of 90% bullshit/masks and 10% truth? Right now it's the other way round.]]

May. 4th, 2008

[Private//Yuuko-san :: Accidentally hackable]

....The princess is gone. I should have gone with her. Are all disappearances from the City this foreboding?



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[Private:: Warded]

No way to run anymore.

There's no way out of here, it seems. This City works on a paradox, and the longer I stay, the closer he may be to finding me again. With Sakura-chan here, and Mokona and the others gone... No, he must still be sleeping. It's pointless worrying about something that may not even happen.

But if he ever arrives...



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Who would like to come and drink with me~? ♥ I won't bite, promise!

[Voice Post]


Well, I suppose my landing could have been a lot rougher than this...

It looks like yet another one of those strange mixed worlds... Ah, don't mind me, ma'am! I'll be out of this fountain in a bit! No, no; I'm perfectly all right, thank you.

Syaoran-kun and the others don't seem to be anywhere near here... With Sakura-chan still asleep, we can't afford to be apart like this. Now, where to start...

Hello~? Can someone tell me where I am, please?

[[ooc: Fell. Into the fountain. Have a very wet Fai ♥ Spam/commentlogs welcome~]]


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